Sunday, October 21, 2018

5th and 6th Grade Science - October 22-28, 2018

Week in  Persepective:

5th Grade Science 

Monday:    Continue study of the Skeletal System - We will be learning 27 of the 206 bones in the human bod:   How they work and function.   We will be making our own Skelton as well the next two days by labeling and getting it ready for  Halloween too.  

Tuesday:   Continue study of skeleton and make a life size skeleton.....

Wed:         Wrap up our Skeleton unit and review the function and bone location       

Thursday:  Review for Quiz for Friday --- Use computer game to help remember skeletal parts

Friday:       Test on Skeleton - Identify the major bones of our body

6th Grade Science 

Monday:   Turn in 3D Cell Models and begin our study of bacteria and virus

Tuesday:   Learn how to really wash your hands to prevent getting sick

Wed:          Hand Washing Lab - Using GEL-Grow   simulated bacteria (not real) 

Thursday:   Skeleton Lab - Learn Labels and functions of 27 bones of the human skeleton    
                     and construct a life size skeleton from Scholastic Skeleeton

Friday:        Finish Skeleton